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Quezon City published on January 30, 2006 a list of delinquent real property taxpayers in 2 newspapers of general circulation and posted this in the main lobby of the City Hall. The notice requires all owners of real properties in the list to pay the real property tax due within 30 days from the date of publication, otherwise the properties listed shall be sold at public auction.

Joachin is one of those named in the list. He purchased a real property in 1996 but failed to register the document of sale with the Register of Deeds and secure a new real property tax declaration in his name. He alleged that the auction sale of his property is void for lack of due process considering that the City Treasurer did not send him personal notice. For his part, the City Treasurer maintains that the publication and posting of notice are sufficient compliance with the requirements of the law.

1. If you were the judge, how will you resolve this issue? 2.5%

2. Assuming Joachin is a registered owner, will your answer be the same? 2.5%

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